Elderly Transport Hire in Croydon

Elderly Vehicle & Transport Hire Croydon

Elderly Vehicle & Transport Hire Croydon

Dial-A-Wheel is pleased to offer elderly transport services for people, who desire personalised attention and customisable options. Whether you have mobility issues, special needs, are wheelchair bound, or simply are tired of relying upon public transport; our professional elderly transport services are perfect. You are free to plan your daily trips for any time as our services are available 24 hours a days, 365-days a year.

All of our accessible transport vehicles have tail lift to make getting onto and off of the vehicle easy. You also get to enjoy your privacy on one of our vehicle whether you are travelling by yourself or with friends and family. Additionally, our drivers are there to help you by being readily available to answer questions, assist with shopping, or any other needs you require. Having mobility issues does not mean you cannot still enjoy getting out of the house with our elderly transport services.

Dial-A-Wheel’s elderly transport is also available for people living in assisted living centres, as well as for planned group outings. Our vehicles are able to accommodate several wheelchair bound travellers at the same time, allowing small groups to plan daily trips to their favourite destinations in and around the country.

Restore Your Freedom with Elderly Accessible Transport Services

Get the freedom and mobility you deserve, without having to wait on someone else to pick you up. Our transport drivers arrive on time at your home or assisted living centre. You no longer have to rely upon your children or others for transport. No longer do you have to worry about your son or daughter cancelling on you because they are delayed at work or had something else come up, unexpectedly. Instead, you simply book your accessible vehicle transport ahead of time with your preferred driver.

Benefits of using Dial-A-Wheel’s accessible transport services include:

  • No Booking Fees
  • Fixed Rates
  • Quality Vehicles
  • Booking Flexibility
  • Free Cancellations
  • Reliable Transfers
  • 24 hours a day Customer Service

You will always know how much your transport services through Dial-A-Wheel cost upfront and there are never any hidden fees, surcharges, or other surprises. If you should change your mind and need to rebook or cancel, that is not a problem as we do not charge a fee.

Contact us today at 0208 686 3323 or www.dialawheel.co.uk and speak to one of our friendly and knowledgeable transport advisors to book transport or for more information.